Gabby’s bullying accusations on Oprah: Those involved with Excalibur respond.


If you missed it, here’s Gabby’s appearance on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” from August 26th. The interview touched on Gabby’s feelings of isolation and bullying while at Excalibur’s gym in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She said, “I felt I was being bullied” and “I definitely felt isolated. I felt, ‘Why am I deserving this? Is it because I’m black?’”. She also described an incident where the other girls said, “Why doesn’t Gabby do it? She’s our slave” when they needed someone to scrape chalk off the bars.

It’s impossible to know for sure what went on behind the walls of the gym, but those at Excalibur say Gabby is lying. Randy Stageburg (female) is a former Senior International Elite and National Team member. She had this to say about Gabby’s comments and her former gym:

This is absolutely ridiculous. I trained at Excalibur gymnastics for 8 years and I personally trained with gabby for 2 of those years. The accusations that are being made against the gymnasts and coaches are just sickening. I watched dena and Gustavo put so much of their time and effort into gabby and the other athletes, no matter their race. Gabby was never a victim, in fact many would say she was one of the favorites. I am not saying that she never felt bullied because when you are in a sport with a bunch of girls it is bond to happen. However, anything that she may have felt was never about race and I can assure you everyone at some point has felt bullied. I never once heard her complain about girls being mean, funny how it is just now coming up. Also, not only does she owe the gym thousands of dollars but she owes dena thousands as well. I watched dena open her home to gabby, feeding her, taking her to gym, and allowing her to stay over her house whenever gabby wanted to. You take people like dena and Gustavo, people that are selfless and put so much into helping these gymnasts reach their potential and you make them out to be evil and heartless. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Unless you were there to witness these so called racial acts against gabby I suggest you take your comments elsewhere because you sound ignorant. Girls leave gyms all the time it is just part of being an athlete but there is absolutely no need to publicly bash people that have done nothing but support you and do the best they can to help you reach your dreams. I also trained with Morgan Evans, Marcia Newby, Britney Ranzy and Sheriese Clark all of which were on the national team and are African American. I can assure you they all have nothing but great things to say about their experience at Excalibur.


Gustavo Moure, President and CEO of Excalibur, had this to say:

From the bottom of my heart
We have, indeed, provided an environment where all our gymnasts can thrive. Gabby’s remarks were hurtful and without merit.
We’ve had more African Americans in elite and on the national team than any other gym in the country (5, 2 of them in Olympic Trials or Olympic Team Camp). Her African American former teammates will answer this serious accusation. (1st statement untruth, she was not the only African American gymnast training in the gym) We are good people. We never were knowingly involved in any type of bullying or racist treatment, like she is accusing Excalibur.

Do you know Gabby and her mother to know certainly how much you can trust them? Mrs. Hawkins expressed (in the media) different causes for Gabby to leave Excalibur during the last 2 years, the bullying/racial issue seems to be her latest attempt and making Excalibur look back. If Gabby was suffering from bullying, why didn’t Mrs. Hawkins ever mention it while Gabby was training here or complain after she left Excalibur? I wish to defend the children that trained with her and supported her when she attacks them with these allegations. Is Gabrielle a credible person just because she is an Olympic Champion? She is not giving any names or dates, leading us to believe that the accusation is fake. This wouldn’t be the first time that the media has made up a story.


For more comments, see the Excalibur Facebook page at What do you think about the whole situation?

*Update. Here’s Excalibur Gymnastics’ response on two local news channels:

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  2. The fact that they’re being so defensive and attacking a sixteen years old girl over money and calling her a liar indicates there’s probably some truth to Gabby’s allegations. She wasn’t even attacking the owners but her “peers.”

        • Oh? You were there? You are privy to the conversations of young girls? It is not surprising at all that she might have been referred to as “Slave”…the white girls where my mixed race niece lives thought nothing of calling her “slave” and treating her thus and the older boys that I know see nothing wrong with making racist remarks, they just say they are being “ironic”…. You know what makes me the most angry, as a white person? When other white people can’t even acknowledge that racism IS something that non-whites deal with every day. If that was happening to you, you’d be upset too. Why don’t we acknowledge and affirm rather than deny and brush under the carpet.

          • i acknowledge that racism exists. i was born in to racism due to my family make up. i have never lived in a vacuum. what i am saying is that racism did not occur in that gym to Gabby. mean girls, maybe. and if this took place it had nothing to do with the color of her skin. jealousy cause Gabby was so talented? that’s more believable. it’s everywhere. your sex needs to do a check on itself. and as i already stated, the older gymnasts will refer to the younger gymnasts as slaves. it means nothing unless you want to make something out of that word slave. the kids today don’t even know who Martin Luther King was (or Somersett for that matter), let alone any other famous and accomplished African Americans. And i mean no offense to anyone who is African American and hates being called that and they prefer black. i know i do.

          • Thank you for putting vanity aside and acknowledging that with all the black contributions and upstanding positions, these hicks still speak as their forfathers did.

          • I completely agree with Gabby comment It is very uncomfortable even as a parent of an african american to be at that Gym, they make you aware that you are not welcome there, your money is but not you. I can also say that my girls had to go through stuff like this and so therefore did not want to continue

          • Ms. Gabrielle Douglas, was speaking of her own personal experiences in that gym at a certain point and time by her peers. It’s not an opinion and she was not talking about what she thought was going on in the minds of her peers or the gym management; she was simply telling what happened to her then and there. For anyone to deny her statement, especially if they weren’t there to witness it [because of its nature] makes them a closet racist that’s in denial.

            Management would categorically deny it understandably for business purposes because they would feel to not respond would make them culpable and potentially liable for future legal action.

            Racism is still woven within the fabric of our society and taught to our children even now in the 21st Century, and it is quite possible that the young girls made those statements for both racial and competitive reasons. There is no known reason why Gabrielle would have fabricated her experience, she has nothing to gain by it. Therefore, we are left with the strong probability that it is true, unless one can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is not true.

          • You’re right. A white person can endure the usual social banter and go on with their life but not the blacks. They have to report everything to the media so they can get more attention and feed into the slave mentality of boss man. All the black people that whine just make themselves look like losers. You are a shame to your race.

          • @Kit What do you know about anyone being a “Shame to their race” I find it interesting if a black person mentions discrimination, they are told they need to shut up and get over it. I never hear any of you people tell the Jewish people to shut up about the tragedy of the holocaust they suffered. You let them speak and keep your mouth shut.

            Gabby mentioned it in context of the conversation and moved on. She actually expressed more emotion about the comments about her hair.

          • White people can say anything and it wont be a problem. Id like to see those girls hung and burned from trees and maybe then you’d understand the importance of the matter, beast.

          • Just in case you live in a barn, blacks complain less then any other race. She “felt” that way because of a reason. We get that you don’t understand, because you are the person that would do something racist and then not understand why they are mad. The bad thing about it, your kids learn from you and you got it from somewhere.

          • “I completely agree with Gabby comment It is very uncomfortable even as a parent of an african american to be at that Gym, they make you aware that you are not welcome there, your money is but not you. I can also say that my girls had to go through stuff like this and so therefore did not want to continue”

            hey Gillian ^^^, this might be because you’re a pain in the ass parent who wanted her daughters on “TEAM” on the 1st day of gymnastics class!

          • i am disappointed in Gabby for doing that in the first place, to down her own coach and teammates. i dont know what is true, but i seen teenagers go on TV and be backstabbers and be nice on TV but rude in person, Gabby GROW UP< enough said …. slave isnt even a word to be bothered about. sheesh learn some history girl.

        • This genius asserts that Gabby was NOT racially harassed. And the proof for your assertion is your own preconceived notions of reality? What a deluded poor sod. I guess where you live the earth is flat too.

        • Blacks have always been better then whites in everything except lieing but we all know this young talented woman was harrassed. I’m sure the adults allowed it because it happened to my own SON. MY son has gotten 5 trophes in 3 years for playing baseball on a all white and mexican team and they kept putting him in the back so no one could see his shine( it never worked). Be a real human and admitt that you and all your racist mentally thats been passed on through generations are your beastly and proves history is still at hand.

          • Wow white and Mexican I would say that is a racist comment, by the way its caucasian and if you want to get techincal the only people in the World today that aren’t minorities are White Male under 40. So whether you white, black, male, female or over 40 we’re all minorities.

          • Your the minority lier. Go read a book. Whites are the greatest minority, thats why they created the word!

          • @ Donna, I will only say this, you call me a minority when I come from the biggest part of the world, Africa! You have stolen everything from everyone across the globe, you have no culture only BS. save it stop educating yourself with white supremacy ideas though I think you never will because its in you minority, small brain your pigmentation isnt the only thing missing, the intellect is to. Africans are the original Kings and Queens until Europe stole and killed and disease everything setting Africa back hundreds of years. Now we here and you still deny, lie scheme because nobody ever told you that truth. I would never want to be u!

          • @kiki.. Last I checked Africa wasn’t the largest part of the world… and neither was their population… Guess you missed that in geography class.
            The only thing Africa has ever given the world other than Diamonds and oil is well.. AIDS.. good luck with that.. :)

        • I guess the white people say the same thing about Medgar Evers….just because we didn’t see or hear it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Kudos to Gabrielle, she obviously made the best decision for her and her future. Watch who you call a slave…No God has made them her “foot-stool”….rest on that!

        • I would like a white person to tell me what racism is and what it feels like. For you to say I never happened.. I’m an African American,married to a white man,and I experience racism from the general public on a daily basis. Some of it is so ridiculously not even worth acknowledgment. I am not an overly sensitive person but I know it exist, so unless you know racism you should keep your mouth shut.

          • well…i’m a mix. i can only tell you what it’s like to get pulled over for NLAW. or, not looking absolutey white…at 1 in the morning. it still happens today. i totally relate to DWB.

      • I completely agree with Gabby comment It is very uncomfortable even as a parent of an african american to be at that Gym, they make you aware that you are not welcome there, your money is but not you.

    • I agree too. These adults should be ashamed of themselves for attacking a 16 year old girl. We know kids do their bullying when adults aren’t watching and those who are bullied usually don’t tell the adults.

      • you should be ashamed. you don’t know the gym, the gymnasts, their culture or the owners. yet you want to perpetuate the BS about bullying. there was no bullying.

        • You were not there and it is true, kids do alot of their bullying when adults are not watching. You have no Idea what that young lady dealt with.

          • then tell me what is this about, her teammates treating her bad because at the Olympics on Live TV, none of those girls treated her badly at all. even if she slipped a bit they treated eachother good as teammates so honestly what is she doing on TV talking about a training place when that is basicaly beneithe her to say at all. im just ashamed she brought it up, i bet her mom put this on her to tell O.

        • Thats why white kids are so hateful with a history like thers its next to nature and they would have physically hurt this woman had they the chance. Go teach your children about where they come from. These games were not invented for blacks thats why it upsets you when we win!

          • hey! our black ancestors were doing a form of gymnastics centuries ago. don’t be saying “these games weren’t made for us”. it ain’t so.:)

          • Gustavo cares nothing about the white man, only to take his money and sleep with his women. But the white dont care because gustavo is also his guard dog. I know a few.

        • Gaby didn’t say word one about the gym owners, she was speaking of her peers, so these assaults by adults accusing her of lying about feeling isolated, and giving a couple anecdotal racial incidents should be ashamed. Just based on the comments from some, I’m absolutely certain it went down like Gaby says it went down.

        • I should be ashamed? I’m not sending out negative Press Releases regarding a former client who happens to be a teenager.

      • Yes all kids get bullied at one time or another but you deal with it and go on. Stop the whining and others will leave you alone. No-one owes you anything !!!

        • Of all the interviews this girl has done this is the first time she mentioned the bullying. You make it sound like she is harping on it every chance she gets. Obviously she did what she had to do to achieve her dream and brought home two gold medals. What are you doing with your sorry excuse for a life? Complaining about her “so called” whining. Get a life becaus obviously you do not have one.

        • No one ever gave us anything, its you with white supremacy on your side. A black person has to be as good as good to get some recognition. I think the black race have proved that we can accomplish anything, you’ll never be able to deny that.

        • Did you say that about the white school bus monitor who was bullied mercilessly by those kids? I doubt it. Pipe down hypocrite. Leave this kid alone. She’s not saying anyone ‘owed,’ her anything but some decency. You so called Christians are all going to hell you make me sick beating this kid up further. Why not say, oh Gaby we’re sorry you had to deal with that before you left for Iowa and be done. What do you do? Accuse this girl of lying. You are one evil sob lady. Karma is real. Remember that.

        • That is a ignorant statement. Kids have killed and harmed themselves over senseless bullyiing. I will tell all kids to speak up to keep it from happening to another child. For an adult to attack Gabrielle over what she went through is really shameful. What the gym owner should have stated is that he did not know she was having such troubles and if it would have been brought to his attention, he would have put an end to it because he does not condome such behaviors at his gym. Wouldn’t that have been more appropriate than calling her a liar?

          • that would have been the right way to handle it. good for her. a wise man once said indifference to suffering is even more insidious than whats making them suffer. you have to confront these issues if not then things will never change.

        • See this is why bullying will never be stopped by schools/businesses/some parents, because they believe it is okay. “All kids get bullied.” “They’ll get over it.” That’s ignorance, Kit. It is never every okay for anyone (child or adult) to be bullied.

    • Oprah and the editors did a fine job of squishing it all together in a dough bowl. are you stupid? or just naive and you don’t know how that all works??

    • To begin, I am not a gymnist. I’ve never attended that gym in paticular. I do know this: when a person feels that they are now in the ‘lime light’ and people admire them for their achievements, they will do and say anything they can to show how they’ve ‘overcome and conquered’ the history remindings of their oppressors. She’s black and the gym is prodominately white (owned and attendence). Now, she’s got the voice and since she’s a gold medalist, anything she says (whether it be true or lie), is seen as having substance to it.

      Like I said, I’ve never been at this gym, but I do know how politics work. She may be 16 but she knows how to manipulate and work a system. She’ll get hers, just sit back and wait. This might not be about money, but trying to gain people’s pity and work on their empathy for her may just backfire…..sit back, stay quiet, and let her talk. She’ll burn her own ass….

      • She mentioned the bullying once in all the interviews. The last thing that girl is doing is trying to garner sympathy, she shared an experience that served as a catalyst for her to move to Iowa to train for her dream. Are people so damn sensitive or stupid that cannot see the difference between a girl sharing an experience, how it made her feel and the choices she made to change her situation vs a girl expressing anger calling in jesse jackson, calling for a boycott of Excalibur and trashing the gym every chance she got while harping on her “bad” experience. In all the interviews conducted did any of you see any of the later going on?? NO because this was the first time she mentioned it. She did not blame the gym, she mentioned the girls and gave no names and the interview transitioned. Truth be told I think those of you complaining the loudest just want to believe that racism is a dead issue and anyone who mentions a racist situation is “stirrin up trouble” or “looking fer attention and sympathy”

      • Hey, ty the idiot> really, so your hating on her to. She already won, has nothing left to gain! TELL THE STORY GABBY! ON THIS DAY A YOUNG TEEN NAMED EMMET TILL WAS STOLEN, BEATIN AND KILLED BY WHITES FOR WHISTLING AT SOME WHITE HOE, DONT TELL ME WHAT THESE PEOPLE WONT DO TO STOP HER! sHe overcame more then you know and she better tell it so it can add to the other millions of similair incidents.Bro.

        • KiKi, she was not a hoe. she was white, rich and came from a privileged family. and it never happened. and if memory serves, Till was raped also before he was murdered.

      • If Giddy is lying and manipulating the system then I guess the victims of Jerry Sandusky are all liars and manipulators as well.

      • i firmly agree with you. ill sit back at wait about this, but still to say that on TV when really im sorry but u came home with two golds. Move on Gabby, just keep walking forward, and if someone uses slave or a rude comment, just keep walking forward, dont reply to shit like that. i would ignore it. everyone is free in this country so yeah Night everyone. :)

        and be polite Gabby . ( damn teenager girls )

    • Totally agree. Just read Randy Stageburg and CEO’s comments, they are so desperate. And we also have someone called Paul Smith jumping around the discussion board to bad mouth a kid. Where do these people come from?

      • NEVER BAD MOUTHED GABBY YOU IDIOT! she’s a kid being manipulated by her mother and a racist agent in order do deflect all the bad press for the last 16 months about the debt that is owed to the former gym. do your homework. this is NOT new news to those in our industry.

    • I was there when that Gym came to fruition with our Parent Association Money, so they need not say anything about anything.

    • I believe her, absolutely. Unless this man (?) was in the locker room with the girls, he has no business talking at all. Randy can go to hell, I am sick of people like him. Go to Tampa and shut your mouth!

    • Whatever, Gabby should publicly apologize to this gym. To be as vague as she was when she said it and watching the response of the gym she accused there’s no evidence whatsoever that she was a victim due to being black. I’m white. I’ve been bullied before. Where’s my pity party? Please. If she’s a halfway decent American, she’d apologize. I totally lost respect for her.

      • I hate white americans who call for blacks to apologize for being honest about how they feel. You need to apologize for slavery, lets start there, then apologize for calling her a lier, your disgusting and we wont apologize for you anymore.

        • nobody at the gym is looking for an apology. they just want to be paid for the 9 or so years that they coached Gabby. pretty simple wouldn’t even you agree?

      • lets all kool it people, i want to see what happens next. God will judge on this, we shouldnt. shhhhhh! throws the popcorn at
        all of you. who wants soup in their mouths try me and find out .

    • And Oprah is so full of it. She said she never plays the race card yet there she is playing it. Has anyone ever been to VA Beach? It’s full of black people. Gabby is full of shit. Again, I’ve been called whitey, honky, whatever … by more than one black person. Put me on a show to talk about it. Am I less because I’m white?

      • Lol who the hell is this “kiki” person? No one has known slavery in almost 150 years so the whole pity party about that doesn’t work anymore. Yes racism is still around and unfortunately wont go away but times have changed and it seems like you’re still stuck in the 50′s/60′s. Crazy bitch

    • I agree with Marley, Gabby’s statement didn’t mention anything about the owners or trainers, she said her teammates. As I always say, “unless they were in every conversation and every nook in the gym they do not know that what Gabby is saying isn’t true. In addition, she is not an adult and any money owed is a matter with the parents, not Gabby. She did not say what she said as an attempt to hurt anyone, she was talking about her experience. It is also obvious that the owner and trainer are not knowledgeable about bullying. Statistics show that many children/teenagers who are bullied do not report it, just as abuse, rape and other verbal, mental or physical attacks go unreported. The owners and trainers response was negative and defensive to a 16 year old, not to mention unprofessional.

    • It’s unfortunate that many ethnic groups feel the need to hide their talent and skills to prevent their dreams from being thwarted by hateful people.

      I believe her. I have seen this so many times. It’s a pity her former school could not share the glory of their former student’s success because it allowed this behavior by either instructors or students according to the victim.

      This is something that happens every single day in the business world. – There is no telling what genus is inside some of these companies – but they hide their talent because they are afraid to shine.

      Shine Gabrielle – Shine!

      I promise you we would have one every single Medal – If we would give every child, a chance to shine. I promise. Try it!

    • True, he is defending the coaches and gym, she only said one of her teammates. Where did he get this about the coaches. My guess it was one of the catty media darlings who did not win an individual gold that everyone was expecting.

    • The fact that she would make such an allegation on such a reputable gym is disturbing. For me being as I’ve attended the gym a while back, I know what Gabby is stating is outlandish. Some girls are mean and maybe some did hurt her, but to be disrespectful to the owners is just plain hurtful. They’re kind people and would’ve addressed the issue and helped. To say she was one of the only African Americans is a lie. If anything the races are equally distributed. I don’t respect anyone speaking about this without have been there. Everyone who has attended there knows how reputable Excalibur is and even the general population in Virginia Beach knows Excalibur’s respect level.


    • darek
      I totally agree. But isn’t it funny how offended they are. She was talking about children. How come none of the girls that were there is speaking out. Why is it only people who benefit financially. Also how many kids tell about bullying? hence the Worldwide Campaign against it starting at the White House and new Felony Laws. Gabrielle did not want them to benefit from her success. And called them out and they are pissed. My mom never new I got ran home from school everyday as a fourth grader, until my cousin got arrested for beating up kids!

      Get over it, if your company rep is stellar you would have been fine if you had just shut up and blew it off. You essentially made yourself look bad with the added press. If you feel so strongly and got more proof than her, sue her! But be careful what you wish for!

  3. Mom clearly states . The coaches were maybe trying to protect Gabby from the other girls bad habits ( red flag right there.)
    So here is my scoop,
    The other girls saw her as a favourate so feelings of jealousy and ressentment set in , and the bulling started , leading her feeling isolated. I tell you females at that age are so vicious esp if they know you are going places. IT IS LONELY AT THE TOP. in such a competitive environment. watch Make it or Break it.. Obama is now the worst president in American history according to some people , see a pattern here? there will always be haters. ALL LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS SHOULD BE BULLY FREE ZONES. NO KID SHOULD EVER BE SUBJECTED TO THAT AT ANY TIME AND PLACE. Gabby you are olympic champion . focus on your training because we want to see you in Rio…..

    • oh brother…you didn’t get it at all. sometimes we have to keep our hardest working kids (Gabby) away from the slackers so that the Gabby’s of the world don’t have their training compromised due to kids that want to stand ALL DAY LONG at the chalk tray or stay in the locker rooms ALL DAY LONG mindlessly texting their boyfriends! how did you interpret anything that you did?

      • I know very well what you mean about those slackers. all i am trying to say is maybe this was the cause of the problems in the first place. I am involved with sports and sometimes those hard working and focused kids are often looked down upon by these slackers.
        This is not an attack on the gym or coaches. I am sure you have a great program. Every gym program has its athletes welfare at heart. But unfortunately in our world you cant please everyone. If i was not comfortable in an situation i would leave or find a situation i was comfortable in order to reach my goals.
        Everyone is turning this into a witchhunt. The Gym will survive as its a strong program. Gabby will move on. I bet you Gabby has some wonderfull memories about her time there.

        • YOU’RE RIGHT! just like the smart kids in school, no matter their race, being shit on by their peers JUST BECAUSE they are SMART. and this is a huge problem in the black community.

          again, this is not about Gabby’s race. it’s not about bullying. but maybe a bit about talent envy by some mean girls. happens to everyone no matter the color of their skin. it’s hard to get to the top in gymnastics…and even harder to stay there. this is about the tuitions owed to the former gym. i’m waiting for a press release that they have been paid in full.:) and then i’ll shut the hell up.

    • i still dont get what happened here with Obama? blame the congress not him hell he has to do what they say, and he inherited Bushes probelms too, so its really not his fault and who can fix anything in 2 to 4 years in this age of ours. im just saying here, theres more to it,then to blame Obama. one man who watches one country, honeslty some men can do it, but not all of us sadly. not even me.

  4. I have no idea if the girls used Gabby’s race to bully her or not as I was not there. But when the above poster Marley said
    “The fact that they’re being so defensive and attacking a sixteen years old girl over money and calling her a liar indicates there’s probably some truth to Gabby’s allegations. She wasn’t even attacking the owners but her “peers.””

    I’m guessing these gymnasts were not given any free coaching and there is probably some resentment that Gabby’s parents owe thousands when other gymnasts’ parents have not gotten a free ride the way Mrs Douglas has.

    I’m sure there was jealousy over money but not the way it is presented

    • If they are owed something, then they should present the documents stating as much and take the family to court. Otherwise, their (poorly spelled and completely appalling grammar-wise) defense, makes them sound childish, crass and like bullies themselves. These are supposed to be adults right?

      • you’re all full of crap. when she left x-calibur, she owed thousands of dollars to the gym and Dena. this is true and accurate.

        couple months ago, the gym revealed this in frustration because this debt was not honored by Gabby’s mother or the new gym in Iowa. you see, we have an unspoken rule in our industry…we don’t take on other gyms’ gymnasts when their parents owe that/former gym ANY MONEY AT ALL. Chow should not have taken her until the debt was paid in full.

        And older gymnasts’ call the younger ones “slaves” all the time. things like getting the water bottles filled for bars, moving the hand mats at vault, moving the boards at beams, and so forth. it has nothing to do with the negative connotation associated with a truly insulting word such as slave and has NOTHING to do with race. such bullshit.

        Dena, Jim and Gustavo are great people. and i’m sure the other “African American” girls from that gym that are black and former gymnasts and national team members will come forward to remind everyone that they were at x-calibur also. and anyone in the industry that knows all the names mentioned from Randi (U of Florida/Rhonda Faehn Head Coach) and the rest know that they also are great kids. they have no axes to grind. when negative shit goes on in the gyms everyone comes forward…eventually…and all the other “formers” fall in line. think Peters, Zappa, Boger, etc;

        doesn’t look like any of the current or “formers” will have Gabby’s back on this one this time. hope her sponsors are not paying attention…

        so unless you grew up in one of our gyms…keep your mouth shut.

          • true, but when those Gymnastics say or use the rule Slave to a black girl thats racist. period. and the coachs need to be putting a stop to that at once. none of those trainers should be allowing that calling to anyone , i dont care who they are. man if i was gabby, i would have throw those little girls at the wall for saying that. and i know she didnt say they did. just implying how i would feel on that. i have black friends and have a brother in law whos black and a good man. im proud of Gabby of what and her team did, but talking about this made her look bad. her parents should have paid that back and not let her go at all until things were tied and honored. but u know people these days. shrugs. okay how is everyones night so far?

        • I think there are a lot better words to use then “Slave”. Especially when training kids in any sport, Give me a break as a coach that is a deeming word to use. I don’t care if it’s a racial slave, sex slave, etc…. Most things associate with the word slave is pure evil!

        • You shut up, she has enough money to buy the rasict gym and I believe nothing they say agianst this Woman, how many white kids owe them money they will never see?!

        • What do the other AA gymnasts have to do withe the AA gymnast who has two gold medals and millions in endorsements? I’m sure Gaby’s peers could easily see what AA girls sucked and which one did not. They had no cause to make life hell for Afr Amer girls who weren’t headed to the Olympics to take all around. How dense are you Einstein??

        • You are the one full of shit if the supposed money was owed then as you said the other Gym would not have taken her. You are the lier and if they are such great good and people why are there not many african americans at that Gym. Lady been there done that so just shut the hell up. Also why tell you how much another client owes. OH yes you work there. Defensive much.

    • and when someone is being defensive, why is it that some people always discern they are this way because they are in the wrong? how about “defensive” because everything that is being posted about them is lies and bullshit? how about that? is there a chance that they may be in the right?? geesh…

      • Paul: I’m with you. My girls grew up in the gym and so I’m very familiar with the drama, good and bad, that goes on in an elite-level gym. When I heard Gabby claim these things, I was in utter shock. But then, hearing the rebuttals come back–all I could do is just shake my head and say, “why? why trash the gym that helped get you to what you achieved?” Now, Gabby is a young girl and she probably has no idea (or maybe she does) of the hornet’s nest she just kicked over by saying what she did. Certainly, it’s compelling and something that Oprah would just froth at the mouth for, as a story. But I can’t imaging ANY reputable gym in the country being the least bit tolerant of bullying and racism. And if Excalibur is like the other elite level gyms where you have a superstar, if anything, that superstar is given kid-glove treatment. So you might have jealous reactions from the other gymnasts, but that’s about it. The last thing I can see happening is this racist bullying. If this was really happening, the gym owners would’ve booted out the bullying gymnasts in a nanosecond.

        The other thing is that if it were my gym and some former gymnast was making horrid accusations against me, the one thing I would NOT do is stay silent–that’s more of an admission of guilt that speaking up for yourself. So for those who say that defensive statements are an admission of guilt, I sincerely beg to differ. The accusations are very serious, and I would retort aggressively if they were lacking in truth.

        • Amen! Gabby is being given some of the poorest advice on record. this could be a deflection, under advice of others, of all that money owed to the gym. if Chow, or anyone else had not taken her, this all would be moot. gym owners all talk to each other. gym owners do not take gymnasts whose parents have a debt with the former gym. debt begets even more debt at the new gym.

          now, if Chow gets paid and Dena, Jim and Gustavo get paid? then make THAT public and all this will go away. unless the mother and the agent ruin Gabby’s accomplishments and endorsements which is where there is now money to pay both gyms AND save her dad AND prevent the bankruptcy of the mom. Gabby may come to this realization all on her own now given that the adults in HER life are giving her woeful advice.

          and some of you know the media…don’t care that it was Mother Oprah. they’re all the same and will do anything for the story and the advertising dollars that those stories will bring. it’s the way it is.

          • the owners of this gym were never there wen wat happened happened. i swear that u sound like teachers or prinicipals defending a school in which a kid killed himself due to bullying. most of it goes unreported, i would know. i’ve been through it. i’m sure gabby was bullied by her peers at this gym, and being a black girl in a mostly white sport definitely made her a target for racist barbs and teasing. i have no doubt, shit, it happened to people i practiced sports with. talk about owners trying to cover for lost money

          • Hey Paul, do you have shares in this gym or have you been officially hired to defend them. You were not there so you can not say what happened. My daughter was the only black in her soccer team and she was completely isolated by the other kids. She would cry after practice and games. I wanted to withdraw her immediately I noticed the treatment that was being melted out to her but she refused because despite all she was going through, she still wanted to be accepted. I let her ride out the season but did not allow her to return for the next season. When she was just in second grade, a classmate handed out birthday invitation card to all her classmates except her and told her she was not invited because she was black. We have experienced this over and over again so please don’t tell me racism does not exist.

        • Go read a book with your million explainations, your a racist too and your children will never be that good at anything because you tell them its okay to put down the best. Smh. You people will never change and we will keep running faster, jumping higher, earning more because God is with us because this world puts us down. Gabriel Davis, First Lady Michelle Obama, THE president, get over it, your time is up!

          • Everyone is racists and everyone gets bullied..My family knows all to well about racist blacks and whites..Kiki, you are simpleton with a racist mind..Blacks are just as racist as Whites..Blacks are the very first to scream racism at the drop of a hat so as to cover up their own racism..Black people worst enemy are themselves..Black society feels they don’t have to be held accountable for their own actions, they just love standing on a soap box screaming “Waaa..Waaa..poor me! The world owes me..Waaa..Waaa” Whites are a different breed, they’ll smile in your face and stab you in the back every chance they get..Kiki STOP YOUR WHINING! IT’S OLD!

        • i agree with you one one thing, u dont go on TV and talk about that, trying to get the people smipthy over that. girl wake up. sheesh she will learn. >.> there is more to this then we know also. i bet her teammates are wanting a private chitchat with her on this now :D ( hey Gabby heard what u said on TV ” SLAP”.

          • I think you should be slapped for saying some dumb shit like that. She’s 16years old! Get the fuck over it.

    • Well now that she won the gold and she is on the Wheaties box maybe she can pay her gym bill since everyone thinks she is so mature and use her conscience. Things in life aren’t free pay your dues. Whether its mom or dad that owe it pay it.

    • there is NO FREE RIDE AT THAT GYM. they even help the “white” kids. and “white” parents don’t pay their bills at some gym clubs either.


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  9. I watched every gymnastic event at the Olympics. Here is what I saw-with the exception of gabby everytime the other girls came off the floor after a routine the rest of the team would run up and give them a hug-when gabby came off after a routine her coach was the only one who went to her and gave her a hug-one time when gabby came off Jordyn was standing there wrapping her hand with her back to gabby and gabby went to her and hugged her-this continued until the coaches or someone must have said something to the others because after a while they started hugging her. It was obvious they didn’t want her there. gabby always seemed to be a step behind the others and always was last in line marching in. it is this kind of silent racism that makes a person feel isolated and it was probably little slights and words that took place at her 1st gym unbeknowest to the coaches. she said nothing negative about them. those of you who came on here posting about her family oweing them money are petty. what concern is it of yours except as another way to berate her. do you personally know that others don’t owe them money. i bet you don’t so keep your petty remarks to yourself. the money they owe is between her family and the gym period. it was unprofessional for the gym to put that out there anyway. sounds to me like they are jealous because their gym is not getting the recognition for her success. the mother filed bankrupycy will plans to repay her debts so i am sure they will get paid.

    • THANK YOU. My family and I were amazed at how many people missed that! But again as I stated earlier, it’s the subtle shunning. it isn’t overt anymore, that would be considered too backwards and of a lower class. The new sophisticated racism is more subtle and alienating.

      • You are no doubt part of the entitlement generation that thinks everyone owes them a living. If you want to be respected then earn it. You are obviously a whiner just like the rest of them. Race is no longer an issue in this country unless you want to keep resurrecting it.

        • ALSO, I think that’s hilarious, you grown people whining about “entitlements,” yet you think a 15 yr old kid owes you her silence forevermore, just so you won’t be embarrassed and get your feelings hurt. Gaby’s experience is HER experience, she can talk about it from sun up to sun down if she wants to, she doesn’t have to tippy toe around how she was made to feel by her peers, for fear she’ll upset you. You’re nothing but entitled babies whining and sobbing because a little kid dared relay her tale of isolation at some little bittchy gymnasts a lot LESS talented than she was. But what do you do?? Waaaaaahhh – whiiiiiiiine to your mama. YOU are acting like the entitled one, and boy is it telling and embarrassing. You’re pathetic.

    • and that would be because Chow kept her away from everyone as much as possible on the competitive floor so that Gabby would remain focused. where do you people come up with this shit?

      • so if he as you say kept her away from everyone so she could stay focused how do you explain the fact that their not meeting her and hugging her was AFTER her performance. I have been on this earth 60+ years and I know what I saw so your attempt at an explanation is BS. I take it you were there and got your explanation directly from Chow, right. Otherwise how do you know what Chow was doing?

        • because I WAS THERE YOU IDIOT AND I KNOW ALL OF THE PLAYERS! i’d give out my name and professional member number but then i might suffer a drive by for speaking the truth.

          • and READ AND LEARN about what RICK had to say about editing. you all got to watch 1/2 of 1% of what actually took place in London. Chow is a very focused coach. he kept Gabby VERY focused and on task. it was required in that environment. and you can’t argue with the results.

            now some of you want to make an issue about hugging and kissing and all that when you DID NOT see what was going on off the podium and out of the segmented time of the television. RICK knows what he’s talking about.

            i actually thought Marta would take Gabby home as her own. most of you HAVE NO IDEA.

      • that was encourageing to say, besides i noticed they all needed to focus on the routins hell that place gets me nervious too. blushes

    • wrong again. it is all of our business because people steal from us all the time. and other club owners allow it to happen by taking on a family who owes the former gym money. sometimes for fame. it’s insidious, really. again, another poster who is not of our industry.

      • I happen to own a business and if a customer owes me money I certainly don’t need others fighting my cause. Who are you anyway? Are you part owner, a staff person or what to be so involved with her family oweing the gym money. Gabby has been gone from that gym for 2 years, Why has this money problem not been mentioned and made public until Gabby became an Olympican/

        • i know right, heres my guess,

          when someone is famious the media will tear u down to make u like all of us. :D isnt this lovely. makes u realize no one is perfect, either ROLMAO. but yeah she has some growing up to do. because now those other girls are pist at her now. :D

    • It’s a dangerous thing to make assumptions based on what they showed on TV which, for the most part, is a very partial editing of what is normally a very lengthy event. I know, because I’ve been to over 100 meets in my lifetime. What you see on TV is just a minute snippet of the things that go on. Figure that your average rotation is about 30-45 minutes in duration. You watch a gymnast perform their 10 seconds (vault) to 1 1/2 minutes (FX) routines on TV, they show a few seconds before and after–and you’re trying to cast a judgment on “silent racism”–that’s really dicey. As for the march-in between rotations, I don’t think you can infer anything by them. I’ve always found that they generally march in the order they are performing. The protocol is you march in, then the groups line up in front of the judges in the order they’re going, salute, and then proceed to warm-up (they don’t show this stuff on TV). But my main point being, what you see on TV is about 20% (maybe less) of what actually is taking place.

    • you are misinterpreting what you saw. Chow is a very good coach and kept her very focused. he’s not in to the hugs and kisses and rah rah and all that crap. he trained her also, had time invested in her and wanted her to win. and everything you saw on the tele was edited.

      doesn’t anyone know what that means or how that works? you all saw 1/2 of 1% of what went on. shoot me now…

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  11. The comments from the gymnasts are laughable. For one thing, they are VERY poorly written. Both of these women are in their 20s and at least one has already graduated from college. Perhaps they should have had someone proofread their comments. Second, as “Sharky” acknowledged, she didn’t even train at that gym! Gabby wasn’t saying the coaches were in the wrong, but her fellow gymnasts. Thirdly, they come off as whiny, childish and outright defensive. They did nothing to make their case, but merely ended up looking foolish.

    • another who doesn’t know the industry or anyone in it. to reiterate, if you’re not one of us don’t comment. read and learn.

      • “if you’re not one of us don’t comment. read and learn” Wow you are pathetic….Only people who are in the industry can have an opinion….Please shut up. I was part of this industry and know people in this industry and people like you and Randy are what causes it to have a bad name.

          • so, opposite a level 2? like level 10. well then, give me your bar routine and the correct start value and tell me what 1/2 tenth deduction you receive on bars if a certain skill is not done. then maybe i’ll listen to you.

            and then give me the name of the 1st american gymnast to perform a triple flyaway from the uneven bars and who her coaches were. and what vault this gymnast was performing in practice that only a few of us have ever seen anyone do.

  12. I’m confused. If the coaches were willing to allow Gabby’s family to default on their bills, shouldn’t they be the ones who these former gymnasts are directing their anger at??

      • That’s right. We don’t know anything about “your” industry. We’re not one of “you.”

        Does anyone else see the irony in these defensive responses???

        • none whatsoever. i’m not an expert of your personal affairs, who you are or what you do for a living. tell me what korbet technique is and how it is applied and maybe i’ll listen to what you have to say.

          • Don’t you mean ‘Korbut’ technique? If you’re going to call people out for ignorance, at least get the name of one of the most innovative gymnasts the past 40 years right.

          • hey Jay, but maybe you can tell me what a triffis triffis is? i’ll let go you not knowing the other term. redeem now.:)

    • good point , maybe thats where they didnt like gabby, and put her like how freshmens are. its how it is . but honeslty she should be past this, and not to make herself more then them. she has ways to go.

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  17. Well Randy Stageburg, nobody knows who you are..Did YOU make it to the Olympics?? Oh right, you never made any world or Olympic teams, or any major international assignments.Oh your a college gymnast? … Yeah, that’s what I thought.. NEXT!

      • You sure as hell wouldn’t know it by all those grammatical errors that Standenberg, or whatever her name is, made. She’s embarrassing. She needs to get out of the gym and into a classroom. She’s failed at the former, she could at least not sound like an illiterate windbag.

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  20. if the comment was indeed said the perpetrator/s need to come forward and offer an apology. if not they need to be named, and the healing can begin for both parties.
    forgive and forget.

    • this is the most sane post yet. Gabby should name those names and give them a chance to respond and face their accuser. that’s how things are done in our system of justice. but then there could be libel to flow from all this if it is not true. and one of the most difficult things to do in law is to prove a lie a lie. that’s what makes this all crap. how do we (or any of you) really know anything happened at all?

      • Your GYM should find a better word in the dictionary to refer to new gymnast other then “SLAVES” So 1920′s. Paul Smith I love how you are protecting your gym and calling all of us idots and we need to shut up this is an open disscusion we have opions just like you and the fact that Gabby stepped into that gym not knowing what your definition of “slave” was is the GYM”S fault for using such a vulgar word!

          • i still would have thrown those girls who said that word threw a window. but i wont. just raging it.

            it really hurts to hear that and i have to beautyful nieces who are black. >.> but gabby i love ya, but move on girl. forgive and forget that is what u should have done. forgive and forget. i hope she learns now.

        • man, you don’t get it. i was called a “slave” when i was a freshman in high school many years ago. never interpreted a negative from that. a schlep is probably a better word.

          now today, you should hear what the kids call each other. much of it comes from BAD music and other shit shows on cable.

          the 1 thing stated here by someone was that “us” coaches don’t hear every damn thing the kids say during a practice. but when we hear a red flag we shut it down.

  21. Just because the owner, or the coaches didn’t know about the bullying that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Not all the victims of bullying say something to their superiors. And the way they are attacking her it’s un-professional. Instead they should be saying that they take her accusations really seriously and will open an investigation.

    • and if it’s not true? and not supported by her former teammates?? you still want the gym to open an investigation on themselves for something that may have never happened and investigate what? air??

    • she should have said something sooner, instead of hiding it. she but this happens when u say things to late. her fault too for not opening up on it sooner. would have made a better difference there. but yeah its over with what did u have for dinner now :D.

  22. Didn’t Gabby just say that she felt bullied and questioned whether it could have been because she is black? she didn’t even accuse anyone of overt racism. if you’re being bullied you try to justify it. is it because I’m fat? Is it because I’m skinny? am I stupid? am I arrogant. because Gabby is a young black woman who doesn’t think the sun shines out of her ass, she thinks it ‘might’ be racism, but probably also thinks it’s something she’s done.
    if she was a b**** she’d say they were jealous. jealous and racist and stupid. she’d probably be right, but she wouldn’t be Gabby.

    • yep. and when i was a kid my peers made fun of my nose. hmmmm…was it because i was mixed race? ugly? smart? dumb? who cares?! i beat them on the floor cause i worked harder NOT because they made fun of my nose. Gabby is a tough athlete. i don’t think making fun of her “nose” had anything to do with the outcome in London. she trained hard and she’s that good. period. and on the day that counted.

      now…mom and agent…pay your debt at the former gym. and before you file that bankruptcy which will ostensibly get you out from under your obligation to those that are in large part responsible for Gabby’s success. do the right thing! (Spike Lee)

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  24. One thing that I have noticed as a Mom sending her children to predominately white schools as well as extracurricular activities, Is that the racism is never overt, but very much present. It’s subtle, and yet very clear to us on the receiving end. No one is calling you a nig***r, but it’s more of a shunning, and “you’re not really welcome. It’s sad and funny, because the Moms and kids who do it will then stand back and say, “Oh but we were so nice to them”. Give me a break.
    Good luck Gabby and keep moving forward, some people will never get it. People never really seem to learn real kindness and empathy. Unless you’re white with a kid with a disability, you don’t know the subtle shunning of which we speak.

    • i have a kid with a disability. you mean the stares? it’s a normal reaction to sadness for someone else. i believe we call that empathy. i have NEVER been offended by the stares or the questions that i receive. it’s normal. but i will admit that answering the same question 100 times during a trip to the mall does get a bit exhausting.

    • hey i was born with mental disability, but she needed to say something sooner, or this didnt make any sence at all. on that Oprah show. Gabby GROW UP>

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  32. and if you all want to know true racism in gymnastics, then you should call Diane Durham. our country, our people and sports has come a LONG way since that time in gymnastics sport.

    and another thing, the entire teams’ hair looked “hideous”. none of us gave a shit. we only care that they hit their routines and come out safe with no broken bones. and as Gabby pointed out along with OPRAH, it was their community that pointed it out. people that only exercise their fingers and certainly not their brains. they’re gymnasts. they can’t get updo’s and such like some of those reality shows like dance moms. they’re gymnasts! athletes! a “gymnasts” regardless of race never has “nice” hair either in training or competition. this child was performing phenomenal gymnastics, and certain people are discussing her hair. seriously…safely hit arabian double front without locking the knees up or nice hair?…what do you think the choice is??

  33. It happens in a lot of gyms. Sometimes the coaches don’t see it, because the girls are out on the floor while the coaches are working with someone else. The coaches also have their favorites, and it showes during practices and at meets, the coaches will give their favorites high-fives at the end of their routine, but others get only a “good job” I’ve seen this personally at MD gyms. the coaches will also ignore some girls during practice and let them develop bad habits that are very hard to break in gymnastics.

    • you’re foolish. do you know Gustavo? there was no racism at that gym. i’m sure she’s experiencing and observing racism on the college campus though. even with her blonde hair. wait…isn’t that a racist remark? you gonna give us a dumb blonde joke next?? just callin a spade a spade. oh wait, i can’t use that word such that you shouldn’t point out the color of Randi’s hair.

      • “No racism at that gym”?! How can a racist tell the diffrence and you cyber bullying rite now I doubt you have ever stepped to somebody on the street with your KKK points of view, Im sure your ignorance is subtle also, making comments when you can or giving dirty looks. This is not 80 years ago when we were beat in the street by ” you people” for not pretending to be inferior to you. I cant believe you have so much jealousy for Blacks I can see the green through my computer screen. No need to make blond jokes, because the jokes on you!

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  36. This is a joke. Just because you are African American it doesn’t mean you should blame everyone else for your pain and accuse everyone of racisim.

  37. This is America. If it appears to be racial, it’s racial. It’s embedded in our fibers. To deny it is to condom it. When we look at what we now refer to as bullying, it is only a way that we make ourselves superior at the expense of someone else. This more often occurs when our pack instincts kick in. That is to say, it’s more of us, so that makes us better than you. It’s not only a racial instinct, it’s a human and animal instinct. To simply deny it, does not make it go away. And last point, to mention the money owed is a defense mechanisim we all use to equalize the playing field when we are cornered rather than sticking to the subject at hand. Simply put, I wasn’t there but I know what racism looks like, smells like, sounds like and acts like. very few people in America wants to be referred to as racists but the majority of us are. When we can admit this to ourselves then we can better understand it and move on by embracing our differences.

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  40. The school does not need to defend themselves or their students but rather learn from this that there is a bullying issue, which is common in schools. The bottom line is don’t bash the person for speaking out but use this as the opportunity to address the issue and implement a no tolerance policy for any bullying against another classmate. As part of the school’s training, they should be looking to implement a class for the students to take to learn about tolerance for others who are different because of race, age, ethnicity, years of experience etcetera. Make it easier for those who feel bullied to speak up instead of feeling they may be bashed for telling the truth. Learn from Penn State scandal please.

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  44. Guys this is not the time to take offense as a school and deny what happens all the time around the country. Everyday. My 9 year old just got the same treatment from students at his camp. He was called the N-word by a mixed kid. I do not blame the camp. The camp has a loving well run program just like your gym might be. But do not call her a liar to defend your organization’s name. As a black woman I did not think this was about your program but rather about bullying and how kids treat each other. It starts at home so take a minute before you attack the young girl just to save face. Think .what if it were your child being called a slave cause they have red hair or something like that. Kids can be cruel but it starts at home? Be a bigger organization and say “if it happened those are not actions or behavior we condone. Don’t vouch for kids saying it never happened. I know you know better. Thanks

  45. Looks like Paul Smith needs to get a day job! If you were’nt at that gym YOU REALLY DONT KNOW. I see Paul has commented or cracked at EVERY person who has posted a comment. What a joke to sit here and he-said-she-said back and forth. PATHETIC.

  46. I don’t see how these individuals can come out and deny that Gabby didn’t experience what she experienced, unless they were by her side every second of every moment she was there at the gym. We know that things happen at schools that officials and even parents say they never knew was happening.They could have easily just said how great the gym is, and that they were never aware of any issues, but if issues did occur, we regret it. They could have said that it was a rare, isolated incident that they would never tolerate if they knew it was going on. To call it sickening and ridiculous does seem to give a little validity to Gabby’s alleged encounter. I don’t understand why mentioning something poignant that happened to you gets so much ridicule. If this happened to her, should she instead bury it inside of her and pretend it never happened?

  47. There is always some type of prejuduce going on in the gym’s, it’s either about your size, skills, social status. There is always that one group of girls who think they are better then the others. It’s sad, but it’s there, so it’s believable that this happened because I’ve seen it before with my daughter. I even changed gyms. It’s starts from the girls all the way up to the owners coaches included.

  48. Really people were you there to know if she was bullied or not. Are you so defensive because she called it out…FACT: look at the number of kids who are bullied and never tell their parents, then end up killing themselves are you kidding me. What the Excalibur should have said was “it could have happened we were just not aware of it”…THE END POINT BLANK!!!!! BUT instead they point out all of the PICTURE PERFECT EXCUSE. No I’m not in your circle, but if it means NOT having common sense then I’m good with the circle I’m in that’s reality. .

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  51. Well I think it is safe to say that 1.) This Paul person is an idiot. 2.) This Rick person is an even bigger idiot and 3.) Caucasian people still jump to extreme defense on the topic of racism as if it doesn’t still happen. If the topic of racism comes up, THEY respond with anger and confusion as if they don’t understand how they could possibly be accused of such a thing.

    Please explain to me HOW in saying that girls made snide remarks to her that Gabrielle Douglas was faulting the gym she trained at??? Please explain how Oprah or Natalie Hawkins blamed owners??

    Children can be cruel. This is not news. To out and out deny that anyone ever said anything hurtful to her like that is irresponsible because I highly doubt that the clearly bitter, lesser known Randy Stageberg was with Gabrielle every minute of every training session she had there. Considering that she’s four years older than her, I know she’s full of S*** to begin with. And GROW UP. Mentioning money and how nice the owners of the gym were to Gabrielle is proof that she had no real argument. Changing the subject is usually a clear sign of this, moron. Excalibur REALLY needs a more reliable defender than the blond haired, blue white girl who couldn’t make it to the Olympics herself to deny racist remarks and bullying.

    The owner has no reason to reply to that accusation either because HE doesn’t know what little girls say to each other in the small chances to chat either. My question is: WHO do you know that will admit to being a bully? WHO do you know that will admit they looked they other way when someone was being bullied?

    These responses are expected, pathetic, and not fooling anyone, Excalibur. But that’s fine. You are ancient history to Gabrielle. And Oprah thinks you suck.

      • This is a good post about the denial of the gym owners. It does sound like “subtle racism” is happening. WebMD has a definition. I also posted a link by a psychologist who did research on the issue of subtle racism in my earlier comment. Subtle racism is still prevalent. I think many minorities will not run into a “Klansman” or Nazi for much of their lives, but many minorities can still experience subtle racism. Another common example is when a white person locks a door at the sight of a black man or another darker-skinned minority at night in a grocery-store parking lot. That’s subtle racism. As a Native American, I’ve experienced that many times – I just walk to the truck after buying groceries or jog across a street and whites lock their door. It’s annoying because I know they will deny it. Ironically, these whites may not see themselves as racist and may have even voted for Obama. But that’s the issue of subtle racism – it’s covert and easy for whites to deny but still common.

  52. It’s ridiculous that they would deny an accusation without even looking at the claims and conducting an investigation on the claims. This kind of response tells me that something happened.

    • How can anyone say they know for a fact what someone else’s personal experience was. I have worked in environments where I was promoted in my career AND I experienced racism.I smiled, I sucked it up, did an outstanding job and went home and shared the pain and humiliation with my family and close friends. Success and racism co exist everyday in every area of life. Her experience is not unique and it is her experience, no one was with her every moment she was in that environment. She has NOTHING to gain from lying about her experience. People don’t like to hear about or talk about racism, they just like to hide under the CLEAR veneer of racism and are angry when people (mostly of color) call it out. Shame on this organization for demonizing her and calling her a liar without taking to time to look into her claim!

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  56. I am Native American and experienced blatant racism as a teenager in rural Arizona. That was long ago in the 1980s. Some readers may recall “Billy Jack” which showed harsh racial tension between whites and Native Americans. Such racism has faded in my experience as an adult. Today’s young people are far more progressive and less likely to commit “blatant racism.” The problem is that subtle racism is still widely prevalent. I have never met the people at the gym where allegations have been made. As a minority, I can say that subtle racism usually gets overlooked by whites who are not racist. It typically does not register with whites psychologically but may be painfully obvious to minorities. I suspect that she was experiencing subtle racism that was obvious to her but not to others. Some of the experiences also seem blatant like the “slave” comment, which is unacceptable.

    To be fair, racism goes both ways in sports. For example, in running sports whites are often perceived as slow. At marathon events the Kenyans and Ethiopians are usually expected to win. In New Mexico the stereotype is similar – usually a Native American or Latino who is part Native American is expected to win a high-altitude run. There is a facebook page that not-so-subtly hints that “Steve Nash” is black becuase there is no way a white guy can play that good. Some people may recall the early 90s film “White Men Can’t Jump.” So racism goes both ways in sports. I read an African American forum where many bloggers referred to the “Super Bowl” as the “Black Bowl” because most NFL athletes are African American.

    White racism still occurs in sports though. I recall white supremacists who invoked Rocky Marciano as a symbol of white supremacy. Ironically, many Italians are part African American if you analyze their DNA. Racism can be strange at times.

    White racism is still strong in Eurocentric beauty standards. The “ideal” image of a woman in modeling, films, cheerleading, homecoming queens, etc. is usually a blonde white women with blue eyes. This is subtle racism that is still common – Eurocentric beauty standards. This is why Beyonce dyes her hair blonde and straightenes her hair to make herself look more Eurocentric. But I honestly don’t expect many whites to acknowledge it exists even though it does.

    • I am the owner of the blog referenced above. I was shocked when this thread from Gymnastics appeared on my statistics for a link… as i read i could guess why and as I finally found this post way down the page I now understand.

      I never saw the interview with Gabby… I have no idea who is who or what was alleged to have happened… I a a white male who has been married to 2 women of different ethnic backgrounds then myself… Like most Americans I was thrilled of gabby’s accomplishments and the “first” achievements she made… who can say she did not deserve it… but if the allegations were made instead of immediately condemning I would suggest reaching out directly to Gabby and asking WHAT she thought was racist… I personally know that even my own family members exhibited racist behavior towards my wives… it as not to be mean.. it was more out of ignorance or maybe better to say a LACK of understanding of the daily discrimination that NON white feels every day…

      My Family was NEVER overtly racist… They were chocked when we as a family discussed it with them.. but the discussion … if handled correctly as it win our case… was beneficial to all parties… we learned a lot from them…and they learned a lot from us.. and this open dialogue eventually because a source of humor… and light banter between all of us… they did not know.. but they learned.. and through discussion we were able to put aside differences and put that major issue aside.

      I had 5 daughters… all mixed… and I am proud of each one.. yet they all experience SUBTLE racism on a daily basis.. it is less prevalent in large urban area where there is a multitude of ethnic cultures.. but in Lancaster Pennsylvania where we lived once .. there it was stares and comments that drove my family crazy… but it was because they did not know better…. it was a primarily white neighborhood.. and the minorities that were of various ethnic backgrounds were viewed with suspicion .. but as an interracial couple and family it was worse….
      I am not taking sides in this discussion.. but I do want people to know that the subelty many minorities feel is real…. at least to them…. it cannot just be dismissed if you want a working relationship with them …. and if you are not able to discuss things like this then the problems will continue.. PLEASE .. DONT BLAME EACH OTHER IF AND WHEN YOU DO DISCUSS .. putting people on the defensive on either side will only cause hut feelings.. if someone says they FEEL this way.. or are hurt by behavior or words …. at least seriously and honestly ask them why and talk about it..

      Thanks for listing to my diatribe.. I hope this helps at least one person who reads it.

  57. After reading all of the comments, it sound.s like you are all a little racists. The country I live in we seem to get along quite well . If a person is Black, they are proud of being Back , he is not a African Canadian or any other race. If they are white , they are not european white. They are all just Canadians.
    The people of U.S. use to be proud to be called only American”s not black.white or any other race.
    Maybe you all should think about getting back to what made American great. The American People wither they are Blace ,Yellow Brown or White.
    Be proud that a American won a gold medial. Not a Back or yellow or white American, just a American girl.
    And leave all the other bull shit to the Media like Oprah ( how makes a ton of money from this kind of shit )
    In the end , if this girl not telling the truth. She will be the one paying for it not the Public.

    • Revisionist history, I see (or maybe just plain ignorance). You’re really painting America with a very broad brush. I guess slavery, the Jim Crow era, Native American history with white settlers, Japanese American internment camps, and so on, have escaped your memory. I’m not sure which period of time you’re referring to where everyone was so proud and equal, skipping in lily fields.

  58. I love how quickly Excalibur jumped to protect their “good name,” but the fact is Gabrielle is merely stating her own experience. Most parents know that their children are not going to reveal all that goes on in a bullying situation. Therefore, how would the gym owners be privy to all that was going on between the gymnasts? Why does she automatically have to be lying? Who made Randy Stageburg the official spokesperson for all Excalibur’s former African American gymnasts? She gives a list of names of girls she trained with, who she says did not have that experience, how does she know that? If it happened, it most certainly is unfortunate, please don’t discount what someone who says they were picked on claims to be their experience. The people who say Gabrielle needs to “suck it up,” and stop whining, are probably parents of bullies, or bullies themselves.

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  60. I myself have watched my daughter who is very talented being bullied at school, at gymnastics training, at martial class simply because she is african american and I had to withdraw her from even school and had to home school her for her own protection. My daughter would hold back on her phyiscal prowness just so she could be accepted and still the racism continiued and I have records to prove it. I had to take my daughter out of every single program because of this. I believe Gabby and I am glad that she talked about it so that other african american children can understand that it is not just them it is still part of american society to openly discriminate against african americans.

  61. It’s one thing that racism is existent in eclectic cultural identities; it’s another thing altogether when hatred, nullification, deprivation, and denial is taught to kids generation after generation, invariably, by their own parents, teachers, coaches and the general society; that is a mental defect. Not to say it this is none existent elsewhere; but no one should feign surprise, I would presume, that Gabrielle went from an indifferent gym in the south to a more accepting northern gym. But true to abnormality, they (the gym), lashes out in denial, as if to say to the world, all history of the southern racism is fabricated; instead of, perhaps seeking how together ,with her fame and success how her ideas may help with implementing inclusion of more Americans, or establish form tolerance and respect behavioral methodicalness helping the gym to overcome it’s cancer of hate. Gabrielle’s success is very late, yes, without the vile culture that exist many privileged activities; we could easily identify a few, but like gold that’s sit in a bottom of a stream waiting to be discovered, there are many many great ones. We haven’t even scratched the surface.

  62. All I have to say everyone of the athletes should be commended on their accomplishments, but there seems to be a big hubla about Gabrielle given up so much to leave her family to be come a success. Alot the athletes leave their homes to go train with a different variety of coaches its not just this one young lady and I feel there is a prejudice, because why didn’t Oprah have the whole team on her show and I have noticed that it seems that when an African American is on in of her shows she hugs them and kisses them, but when another race is on she doesn’t give them that much attention. And unless you we’re at the gym how does anyone know that this was said and I’m sure if it was it would of been stopped, by the adults that run the gym, and maybe Gabrielle has treated her team mates badly. Ignorance is taught at home and everyone seems to always concentrate on race and why does a celebrity like Oprah always have to bring someone on her show about race. If we don’t want to be divided then maybe our biggest celebrities need to quit separating they different races from each other.

    • The old we all have the same opportunity talk, I think racism exist because it is taught at home. If whote people start teaching their kids to respect other people not just whites, understand your simple mentality is the problem and maybe if you start by teaching them real life history and present situations, show them the movie roots or something, tell them what the have the potential to do when they gather together then maybe they will become aware of this wolf pack nature and exept people for who they are. Learn to confess and appreciate and everyone can get along. How can ya’ll be so disrespectful towards the people who nursed your great grandparents and children because that was also the job of a “slave”, did you forget what we ahve down for you people? Where’s my 7 Acres and mule liers. My generations working and dieing to have to defend ourselves to you, as if. Get right with God for the sins of your forefathers are upon you, blued devils!

      • Kiki you are the most racist person on this thread. Claiming all white people are racists then making racist remarks towards whites. Really? And slavery has been over and done with for almost 150 years now so you can stop crying about it and acting like you know anything about it. Your thinking is so extreme and out of date. You’re stuck in the 50′s/60′s crazy lady.

  63. You don’t know what happened to that young lady and the fact that your gym is defensive, going as far as to call her a “liar”- makes me feel like it COULD be true. Where is your compassion?? Just like bullying, racism can be overt. Racism happens everyday! and to think that it would not happen in a Caucasian dominated sport such as gymnastics is naive. The fact that you are posting her interview and slamming this 16 year old olympic champion- shame on you and your gym. It is now no surprise that she does not give your gym credit. You should have been more interested in how she felt then- maybe you would not be in this position. Children have perception and feelings and should be respected…..Not just hailed after they achieve glory that you can ride on the tails of. Good day!

  64. Why would Gabby have to lie about this. We all know that racism still exists; so let’s stop acting like it doesn’t. I pretty positive those remarks were said. Do we think an Olympic winner/champion would really have to lie about this. She now stands on the other side that she wasn’t able to get to before because of some reason. That reason may be only pointing at the fact that there have been some sort of holding back because she’s black. Perhaps, there may be some regrets of the fact that the people/owner of Excalibur’s Gym may be feeling sick right about now due to the fact that they didn’t put the time and effort in believing that this young BLACK female could possibly be the next Olympic winner. LOL!! But don’t hate, appreciate. There could be others.

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  66. Interesting that the two responses posted are from men. You guys clearly don’t know mean girls, do you? Rather than go on the defensive and call her a liar, how about reevaluating the whole program and educating the staff and members about being sensitive to not only racial issues but everything! Just because a person doesn’t complain about doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. She obviously didn’t feel comfortable enough to tell anyone and was probably afraid that if she did tell someone, it would become worst. Yes, everyone has been bullied but as everyone who has been bullied bring the issue up? No. Why? Lack of action and it shows here. Way to go Excalibur!!!

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  68. What does Gabrielle have to gain at this stage by stating ‘her truth’? If you were not there and privy to the conversation(s) you couldn’t possibly know what her personal experience in that gym was like. So why debate and be judgmental? I agree, perhaps the CEO should have offered compassion and discussion instead of quickly taking the position Gabrielle was lying. It does not appear she is being critical of the staff, coaches or organization just treatment by some of the other gymnist at that time. No, she doesn’t name names but what purpose would it serve at this point. I think the simple message here is that she is a young black girl in a sport dominated by whites in America. As a result, whether intentionally mean spirited or not, she was subjected to racist comments (she probably smiled through and brushed off at the time). Trust, she was probably smiling on the outside and crying on the inside. Don’t ‘stone’ her for speaking her reality! And pleeeeease stop acting like racism is not real and her experience cannot be true. She’s not crying about it and clearly it didn’t stop her from becoming an olympian and gold medal athlete. She persevered and triumphed over whatever obstacles she faced.

  69. Wow. Im ashamed to be part of the same race as some of you. Blacks are losing their minds and posting some really terrible things. Whites are posting outlandish comments that make them look stupid at best. Whatever issues Gabrielle’s family had with the gym should have stayed with the gym. The fact that some person what was not even named brought it to light is just tacky (and making your gym look the same). Like showing up to a formal party with a wife-beater and bare foot. If you wanted to refute the claims, you should have drafted and well thought out statement and left it at that. Im actually suprised how Gabrielle (not her mother) is said to owe money to Dena. For what?!?! Coaches are close to their charges, especially when they see they have something the others dont. Her mother even said the coaches wanted to shield Gabrielle from the other girls. Why did they do that? What does Dena hve to say. Based on the ANGRY HEATED RAGE-FILLED comments from the gym, it just makes me wonder. And this slave thing….did anyone ever stop to ask if she knew it was not used in the context she thought? If people would have used their heads instead of running to the keyboard and typing with boxing gloves on maybe this thing would not have gotten so ugly. I did see the disgusting way they treated Gabrielle in London. Its even evident in the pictures the other girls tweeted. Unless it was a function none of them had Gabrielle in them “having fun.” So you all just sat her and told one of our celebrated Athelets that her feelings do not matter. Paul, you in particular need to step away from any type of adult conversation. Attacking a 116 year old girl.How can you even sit her and argue how someone YOU DONT EVEN KNOW felt. Shame on you so called adults. I fear for our children if THIS is the example they have to learn from. And for the record she did not dwell on it, she said her feelings and moved on she cares less than you people and SHE was no is the one living with the isolation still. I have a feeling 2016 will be alot different.

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  73. The folks defending the gym are in way over their heads PR-wise. Attacking Gabby only makes them look guilty-as-charged. Would any respectable social institution do that? Imagine Yale University, University of Texas, the Boy Scouts of America, the US Peace Corps, or any other institution charged with training and caring for the talents of young people, doing the same thing — calling the young hero(ine) a liar. Excalibur gym and their proxies/apologists need some professional guidance before they dig their hole much deeper. It’s been amateur hour so far. The only supporters they are rallying (judging from the comment streams here and elsewhere online) are the usual “true racism == black people complaining” types. Not to say that there aren’t folks who ‘play the race card’ (or whose whole deck consists only of race cards), but if you think Gabrielle Douglas is one of these people you have not been paying attention to the details of her story at all.

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  75. Paul Smith you should drop on your knees and pray for forgiveness. That’s IF you believe in GOD. My niece is a gymnast. She is one of two black/African American/dark skinned gymnasts in her group. She and the other black girl ARE secluded in the group. Instead of you defending those hurtful acts, you should have a meeting to let the CHILDREN know that any type of seclusion is not allowed. She said that she wanted to quit gymnastics, in general, because she was treated badly by the other GIRLS not the TRAINERS. Open your ears, brain, and eyes. You are not a GOOD role model to any race. I thank GOD for putting her into an open minded family while she was training because that negative energy that your gym lets off could have ruined her.

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  77. This is ridiculous. The gym is making themselves look horrible by attacking a 16 year old girl and being so defensive. I am fuming with anger at what they said. She is SIXTEEN! She’s not even legal adult and she’s dealing with these jerks. Personally I think they may just be upset they didn’t train through their gym for the Olympics. I feel so bad for Gabrielle. She speaks the truth and people start yelling at her for it. How would those coaches know anyways? Maybe Gabrielle didn’t say anything because she didn’t want to start a big thing and make the situation even worse then it was! Okay sorry there is my little vent about this dumb situation…….Hate those coaches

  78. You ask why Gabby never said anything to her coaches about the bullying? That is because at that age, young teenagers are often afraid of what their coaches will say. I am well aware of Excalibur and know a coach or two there that were at other clubs before Excalibur and they had a bad reputation back then pre-Excalibur time. I had personally seen one of the coaches bad-mouth and yell directly at their gymnasts in front o their teammates. He belittled them and I’m sure it didn’t start once he had Excalibur.

    Excalibur does not have a shiny record. Go back a few years and there have been lawsuits filed against them for their verbal and physical abuse. Their gymnasts were also known for doing scary gymnastics (unsafe). They had so many talented gymnasts and they just burned them down. I personally am glad Gabby left when she did or otherwise the world would never get a chance to see this beautiful and awesome gymnast!

    What is disgraceful is how another coach Guastavo (may have this misspelled) wrote all over his facebook basically crying that that they could of made her an Olympic champion (VERY DOUBTFUL). And he thanked everyone who never left him.

    Gabby did nothing wrong with saying she was bullied by her teammates. I think it showed that one can overcome those obstacles and dissappointments and still achieve their dreams.

    Excalibur should be ashamed at themselves for the crying they are doing. Bringing up money is quite a desparate attack to discredit Gabby. All this badmouthing from Excalibur just discredits their club even more in the gymnastic community.

    P.S. And yes Paul Smith, I have been involved in gymnastics for over 30 years as a gymnast, coach, judge and club owner. I have been at competitions that Excalibur hosted and I have seen the coaches in action first-hand. Their negative antics have been going on for years.

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  80. The fact that the gym is denying that Gabrielle was racially harrassed is proof positive for me that she was. I’ve been in situations where I’m the only black person in the room, and I can ABSOLUTELY say that I have had racially insensitive and stone cold racist remarks made to me all the time under such circumstances. It is absolutely rediculous that some jackass would say that she needs to give dates, times, etc. in order to prove the validity of her claim. Her words should be proof enough. Why would she lie? Instead of being defensive and protecting racist behavior the gym should be trying to embrace Gabrielle and do everything in their power to ensure that nothing of the sort ever happens to anyone in their gym. To the contrary they are perpetuating a vicious cycle of racism by denying that it happened and essentially calling Gabrielle a liar. Absolutly disgraceful and I hope not a single person with an ounce of integrity allows their child to train in such a vulgar environment. Especially anyone with a skin tone. I’m disgusted by this revelation that the people that Gabrielle trained with engaged in such behavior, but what makes it worse is the response to Gabrielle stating that she was harrased. Disgraceful and disgusting.

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  83. I can’t imagine why Gabby would fabricate any of this, especially considering that she describes most of her experiences very positively. Honestly, there are many reasons why a teenage girl would be made to feel like an outsider in a competitive environment like gymnastics, so her comments are hardly shocking. And while these reasons may or may not have been entirely race-related, no one should discredit the way she feels. I’m actually appalled at the harsh and inappropriate manner in which the CEO and some of her former teammates are attacking this 16 year-old-girl, who was probably only 13 or 14 at the time. I’m beginning to think that she really did not have any friends there.

  84. Did Oprah offer Excalibur Gym the opportunity to respond to Gabby’s allegations of racism?

    The story seemed one-sided (Gabby’s side of the story). I would have liked to hear Excalibur’s side of the story. I know things can be said among kids, out of earshot of adults. Adults cannot be there for every thing that’s said among kids. So it’s not impossible that the comments were said. I just would have liked to hear Excalibur side of the story.

    Let me know. Curious.

  85. Normally, I do not tweet, or respond to things such as this online, but I had to respond.

    First, I would like to say congratulations to Ms. Gabby Douglas on your gold medal win at the Games. Your hair was perfect, don’t worry a lot of people love you and your hair.

    Gabby Douglas tells Oprah Winfrey of bullying, racism.

    My response: That was Gabby right to express herself and her feeling about what she felt at that time in that Gym about bullying and or racism.
    Gustavo Moure, President and CEO of Excalibur, had this to say: From the bottom of my heart. We have, indeed, provided an environment where all our gymnasts can thrive. Gabby’s remarks were hurtful and without merit.

    My response: Mr. Moure you responded to Gabby remarks in a very inappropriate manner, which really “hurt” the reputation of your Gym. Yes, you can say it was hurtful to you and your gym, and maybe you did not know that happen to Gabby. However you cannot tell a person or persons, it was without merit.

    Then to play the money card against the Gabby mom is really inappropriate. What does the money owed or not owed have to do with bullying and racism.

    1. First, no one can be around the girls 24 hours a day, while they are at the gym, so how do you know what was said or not said to Gabby.
    2. Second, several people at the Gym already made the comment that the younger girls, white or black were called slaves. The word “slave” meaning to a white person is totally different to a “black” person.
    3. Third, do you have such a low sensitivity to African American, that you would use other African American to try to discredit Gabby. It remind you of slavery when you had the house slaves, saying and doing what the master want them to say and do against the field slaves. You only made it worst for your Gym and the outlook against African American in your gym.
    4. Fourth, Gabby was 12 to 14 at the time. Kids bully other kids, all the times, that why some children have killed themselves over bullying. You will never be able to control that and no one blames you for that. BUT, for anyone to use the word slave to an African American child, you have no idea of the meaning Gabby took away from that experience as a child. You have no idea what she felt at that time. BUT to dismiss it to say, it was without merit is simply wrong.
    5. Five, suppose, I was to make jokes to a Jewish person about Hitler? You have no idea of that person experience and how hurtful that would be to that person. It cultural, and you must respect all culture, no matter what and let people feel what they feel and not ‘DISMISS” those felling to say it was without merit. How do you know what happen to Gabby? Were you there that day? How do you know that Gabby was not the only African American in your gym that day when the word “Slave” was used? As with Jews and Hitler, you have no idea what the word “slave” means to an African American. What? Do you only believe that African American get offended over the “N” word? So please don’t take it lightly and without merit. This girl was 12 to 14 at the time, a child, and you don’t know what she felt. So if she did not tell her own mother, than why would she come to you? A person at the gym trying to help her, but a stranger none the less, where she felt bullying and racism going on.
    No one was saying you were bullying Gabby! You cannot control kid’s actions sometimes, especially when you are not aware of the situation. Yes, maybe Gabby should have express her felling about the bullying and racism, but you are talking about a child.

    The problem, I see is that you got bad advice and did not response in the correct manner via the Media. Yes, say you were hurt, by the comments, but also say, you were not aware and yes, that could be true. BUT, never say what Gabby felt was without merit, especially since she is an African American child and the word “Slave” seem to be a word that is used in your Gym on a regular basis. Name calling is never good and you have no idea who is getting hurt by it and how they feel. People are entitling to their own feelings and how they perceive things.

    I hope you have learned from this experience, make some changes about how people are talked to in your gym. Do not continue to allow the kids to use the word “slave” by really letting them know what it means to African American people. Advise the kids what are acceptable words to be said to another person. You really need to say sorry to Gabby for saying what she said or felt was without merit. Clear the air with Gabby! People will respect you for it! Talk to her and find out what she really felt to improve your Gym for all people. How do you know what she felt? All you can say is we at our gym do not condone bullying or racism and you are sorry Gabby felt that way and that you were not aware. THAT’S WHAT PEOPLE WOULD HAVE RESPECTED!

    Again, sit down with Gabby, clear the air, both of you do a press conference, and put all of this behind you or your business will suffer. Gabby is going on with her life, she will be successful and I wish her the best!

    • are you people aware that African Americans are not and were not the 1st slaves? this is biblical. you don’t own the word slave. therefore, it is not offensive to anyone with a clear mind of intent. i said, the kids use this and they’re not thinking about anyone’s ancestors. and the black kids use it also. quite a conundrum.

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  87. I have taken the time to sit and read the posts that all have made. Now I would like for everyone to sit back and think of the games as they were going forth. We need to view the footages that were being shot. As Gabby performed her routines, the team was not as supportive of her as they were of each other. Gabby always went about to herself, knowing they were not her “real” support by the way they would show difference in congrats given to each individual. Also, watch the footage on when other teams cheered their teammates upon a performance and how the camera never showed the USA team after Gabby’s time, because they were not cheering but loathing her position as the Lord lifted her higher and higher. Check out the half hugs, half claps and half smiles. That tells me the whole story, because Gabby always gave a “whole-hearted” smile. Even so, two, Raisman and the former champ “W”, showed their contempt in their faces, postures of defense and outright, “MEAN Girl” dispositions. Of course, it is better to say nothing while in their company, as Gabby did, because of retalliation as we have seen now and many times before. I don’t expect those of African American descent to say anything against the trainers unless they are removed as Gabby was, or they will never reach their goal as well. However, the reponses of the trainers is the clincher in revealing the answer, was she bullied? the Counter attack of saying, it was IGNORANT was mainly to hurt, but you can’t hurt GOLD!!!! God even used gold in building his temple. LOL !!! To God be the Glory…Keep stepping Gabby! We see and understand. The past is all in the WASH!

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  89. Do you all even read what you are typing? The money is relevant to this because this could just turn into yet another frivolous lawsuit to settle that money that she maybe owes. People do this all the time to get tv air time, money, time with celebs. The fact that Excalibur is firing back is a good thing. If they hadnt said anything, what would you people do “It HAS to be true since they arent fighting back” right? But since they are fighting back you think they have something to feel guilty about? Hell no, its called defending your good name.

    Now i admin, i was not there, so theres no way to know the exact truth. But i find it hard to believe that if she felt bullied or Racially Harassed, and said nothing to anyone, then you only have yourself to blame for not doing anything. ALSO had she said anything to whomever was “bullying” her then that would have been the end of that. I know if im the type to make harass someone because of their race, Im damn sure not gonna take them in to my home or anything of that nature. The store doesnt make sense to me in my opinion.

    The way it should be is, If you are in a bad situation but do nothing to try and stop it, then you only have yourself to blame for allowing it to go on. Its reasons like this that children cant say “Easter Vacation” or “Christmas Vacation” in schools anymore. We have to call xmas “Oval Day” or “Egg Day”. Are you kidding me? (nut i Digress)

  90. As someone that was bullied as a teenager, I would like to say that just because it was not brought up at the time it happened does not mean it didn’t happen. You want the bullying to stop, but you do not dare say anything because it can and most of the time does get worse. Adults do not see the issue as big as it is. I went through middle school and part of high school being bullied mostly by girls, but guys also. I said something once in middle school and when the girls found out I was forced behind a school building to be beat up, but luckily a friend stood up for me and the fight did not happen. The taunting continued and was worse. This has affected me in all my relationships for the past 30 years. I try to take up for any child I see being bullied. I can see where Gabby would not say anything, but the adults of this gym need to know that just because they do not see it or are not told about it does not mean it doesn’t happen. Watch the movie Mean Girls. This is a very good depiction of how girls bully.

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  94. I remember hearing that Gabby wanted to switch gym’s because she wanted to work with the best coach there this, (from the 2008 Oplymic) and that coach happened to be in Iowa. Now we are hearing about bulling and racism, Come on!! Which story was true? Bullying is nothing new to all school children, i am sure we all have been bullied at one point or an other. As far as racism, aren’t we all just a little racist? Don’t we all feel our race, our culture is better then everyone else?
    Every child no matter what country, color, or background gets bullied and hurtful comments made to them.

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  96. I think Gabrielle was probably a victim of bullying because of her talent and size. She behaves like a little girl that really feels out of place. i thought that when watching her interact with the US Gold Medal team. She seemed distant from the other girls. I think her account is true just perhaps not so much racism as just plain ole mean, jealous behaving badly. I think its possible coaches didn’t see a gold medal in her future because she is african american and anyone who has followed gymnastics, knows blacks are never given the marks to ever win anything higher than a bronze. Blacks have never been that success in gymnastics.

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  98. People here need to review the interview with Oprah. I KNOW Oprah did not buy her story and I don’t care what anyone says. Oprah is smart enough to feel vibes and she surely felt hers as they started the interview when Oprah asked her about being called “Gabby.” Now, we all know there is nothing wrong with calling her Gabby; I think it’s cute and shows that she is liked. This girl is a great olympian and she’s proved that; COLOR had nothing to do with it. I wish her well and well she’ll do indeed. But, we need to put all differences aside and truly see that there’s something wrong with her demeanor. She is not genuine; this girl has a chip on her should and wants sympathy where none is deserved. Everyone in the U.S. and around the world accepted her triumph, so why is she bashing and try to get this type of attention. Her mother seems very nice but needs to wake up and realize her daughter did wrong. No need to bash each other; just put into perspective (body language of all involved in the interview); Oprah is no dummy. She knows better!!

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  100. Exclusive: Natalie Hawkins, mom of Gabrielle Douglas, sets the record straight on critics at the Va Beach gym where Gabrielle trained early in her career, but was also unfortunately bullied. Hawkins also criticizes The Virginian-Pilot for writing a ‘negative’ first article that was supposed to be an introduction of Gabrielle to the public and future fans. Listen to the full interview:


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  106. Disgusting. First, calling her a liar makes you disgusting privileged people who refuse to stand against racism. Second, that this sort of behaviour happened on your property speaks heaps of the management and the trainers. In the same way racial abuse is unacceptable in school, and the principal is responsible, you are responsible for expelling racist clients and staff and protecting the vulnerable.

    Disgusting. I hope you lose a lot of clients!

    • now does everyone see how the allegations proximately indict the coaching staff and owners? and when they were not aware of a thing?? thank you Laura for that timely post.:)

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  111. I believe 100% that she was bullied, because why would she make it up if she was 100% happy with her experience? However, I think it was mostly due to jealousy and not racism. She was obviously the best gymnast BY FAR at Excalibur, if she wasn’t she would never have made a 5-person Olympic team. This stuff tends to provoke lots and lots of jealousy, especially if teen girls are involved. Racism obviously exists, and I’m not saying she never experienced it, but isn’t jealousy a much more logical cause for bullying given the circumstances?

    People are just going to disproportionately focus on the racial part because she happens to be black. While I absolutely despite racism, this is unfair to Excalibur. Imagine the 2 accusations being thrown at your gym:

    1.) Someone was bullied there because other athletes were jealous
    2.) Someone was bullied there because of her RACE

    The first statement is perhaps not the most flattering statement, but people understand teenage girls can be hostile, and maybe you need to improve the climate in your gym (which I think they do). The second statement tears down your ENTIRE reputation.

    That all being said, that gym does seem slightly dysfunctional. I find it funny that Dena insists that she could have gotten Gabby to London while Martha Karoyli (and others) believes otherwise…seems like she’s a great coach but can’t see her own limitations sometimes. I think I’d send my kid there fore recreational gymnastics, but if they were seriously training, I’d look elsewhere.

  112. 1. This is Virginia
    2. By a former teammate’s admission at Excalibur “I am not saying that she never felt bullied because when you are in a sport with a bunch of girls it is bond to happen.”, plausibility was established.

    As a resident of Virginia, it’s more racist here than in Texas.
    It’s a reality. It would have been refreshing for them to admit what they did and keep it moving.

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  116. Oh I totally believe Gabby’s story. I just found this site and blog because Im googleing to find help for my daughter. She is being racially bullied by means of isolation. She 14, first year of high school here in howard county, clarksville md. She has lived here all her life, these girls have spent many sleep overs and birthday parties over the years. However, this start of school not one of her friends, white, asian, indian will speak or hang out with her. Our high school and community is 5% afro american, no black girls her age that attend the school. She is having such a hard time with this, she’s becoming depressed, she cries all the time. We as her parents I never seen anything like it. We are looking for help. How do parents deal with this. Sure she can find new friends, but that will not help the pain she going through beause she’s black.

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